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Gutter Repair in Annapolis, MD

No one pays much attention to rain gutters—until there is water damage to your home or property. Do away with the damage altogether with timely gutter repair in Annapolis, MD. For rain gutter repairs, trust in C & K Home Improvement, a licensed, bonded, and insured handyman company. In business for more than 16 years, our family-owned-and-operated company provides you with the interior and exterior services you require to keep your home in fine repair. In addition to our work with gutters, we provide siding repair and siding replacement. Our capable professionals also fix:

Gutter in Annapolis, MD

Rain Gutter Repairs Prevent Damage

You do not have to worry about water damage to your home when your gutters are working properly. Gutters are designed to carry water away from the foundation and walls of your home. Water that pools near the house eventually makes its way inside, resulting in damage to the foundation and basement. Rain gutters protect the outside walls and siding of your home from damage and staining over the course of time. However, debris such as leaves and twigs accumulate quickly, placing stress on the gutter system unless cleaned regularly.

Rain and high winds also take their toll on gutters. When you notice water pooling around the outside of your house or soil washing away, reach out to us for gutter repair. Let us patch holes, replace sagging sections, and repair damaged joints.

Protect Your Home with Siding Repair

Wood or vinyl siding offers so many welcome benefits to our customers. It makes your life so much easier, because you do not have to paint the house every year. It also protects the exterior of the house from damage caused by the elements and other forces, as well as offers savings from its insulating qualities.

Siding spruces up your house–unless the boards are damaged. Over time, your siding may show signs of wear and tear that include dents or dings, missing boards, even rot, mold, and rust. Depend on our skilled and experienced professionals for top-notch siding repair.

Free Estimate for Siding Replacement

Ask our handyman company for a free estimate and we will come to your home to inspect your siding. After this assessment, we provide you with our honest opinion about what is required, whether it is repair or replacement. Sometimes, siding is so badly damaged that it is less expensive to replace it. Count on us to communicate fully with you about the problem and solution. 

Contact us today to repair rain gutters with holes, sagging sections, and joint damage. We provide handyman services for customers in Annapolis, Edgewater, Bowie, Crofton, and Severna Park, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.

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